Significantly Increase your Earnings

Paradox Coaching enables your clients to increase their Adaptive Capacity, build awareness, gain clarity and identify tangible action steps faster. They see their strengths, their blind spots and how they deal with stress in deep, meaningful and actionable ways - all within their first coaching session.

You get more revenue, repeat business and referrals. 


"After reading the Reports, you will realise that Harrison knows you more than you do. It is a reliable picture of yourself and gives hints for a punctual development plan."

"I realised that some of my self-perception was squarely wrong making me realise, how others may see me and facilitating communication and interaction based on a better self-understanding."

"It is always good to see yourself in a mirror. Some results were surprising and those were actually the most interesting and thought-provoking."

"This is a powerful tool to assist reflection / self-awareness and to help addressing weaker aspects of professional competencies, notably that of a manager."

"It gave me valuable insight on my behaviour in various situations. In particular to address and identify situations where I may have a tendency to go in the red zone."

"I do think it can be useful tool if used with an assistance of an expert like you, and if it can be complemented further, once an individual has identified an area for improvement."

"Explaining to an external person is easy: if the input is truthful and accurately self-aware you get a very consistent image of the person. So this is a very strong tool in helping relationships within the organisation."

"It gives you a lot of insight in your strong and weak points, it helps to start a reflection process about yourself and about your career path (or even more in general, about your personal life and future)."

"The guidance and support during the training program has been excellent."

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We have special offers on all accreditation training for anyone who registers before 30th April 2024

How Adaptive Capacity Changes Everything

How much Adaptive Capacity do your clients and their teams have? Watch the TEDx talk from 2022.

Adaptive Capacity is a foundation of Adaptive Leadership. The key to your Adaptive Capacity often lies Beneath the Surface. Paradox Coaching enables clients to increase their Adaptive Capacity so they can become better Leaders and more effective collaborators.


Leading People Podcast

Conversations with Leading People about leading people. Get insights and tips from thought leaders about how to bring out the best in yourself and others


Better Results, Faster

Getting alignment with your client in the first session is essential to a productive coaching relationship. Lack of clarity, unrealistic expectations and poorly defined actions diminish the effectiveness of coaching. The Harrison Paradox Coaching tools enable you to prevent this from happening. 

Get More Referrals

Clients are so impressed by the Harrison tools that they're more than willing to give you testimonials and recommend you to others. The Harrison tools build trust and confidence in the coaching process and client commitment increases. You become the go-to coach for getting results. 

Increase Your Earnings

A reputation for getting results with your clients leads to more work. You're offered opportunities beyond one-to-one coaching such as team development, facilitation and speaking. With advanced training you can develop your skills in the field of Talent Analytics, an emerging area of demand in Talent Decision Making. 

Applications for Individuals

  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Coaching
  • Succession Planning
  • Personal Development
  • Career Planning
  • Personal Stress Management

Team applications

  • Team dynamics
  • Team development
  • Alignment between sub-teams
  • Leadership development
  • Project team development
  • Team formation

Paradox Theory

Paradox Coaching is based on Paradox Theory™ as developed by leading psychologist & mathematician Dr Dan Harrison. The coaching tools are powered by a unique Talent Predictive Analytics software that includes Harrison Paradox Technology™. Paradox Graph reports contain 12 Paradoxes that form a unique system. The Paradox reports are supported by a range of other reports that a Professional Coach can draw on for further insights.



The Paradox Coaching Academy provides accredited certified training in how to incorporate the Paradox Reports into your coaching practice. Once completed you receive 3 accreditations. 
  • Harrison Employee Development Accreditation 
  • Harrison Debriefing & Coaching Accreditation 
  • Paradox Coaching Practitioner

One-to-One Demonstration

If you'd prefer to arrange a short personalised conversation with one of our Paradox Coach trainers click below. This can be done in person or over Zoom/Teams.


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