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The Paradox Coaching Community

Collaboration makes great things possible...

I believe very strongly in the power of people working together and sharing in an open, honest and friendly way. Like great musicians jamming together, Professional Coaches can also elevate their performance. Besides, one thing that independent workers often miss is a sense of community and colleagues to bounce ideas off or to ask for advice or input. The Paradox Coaching Community is there for you and you'll get out what you put in.

~ Gerry Murray

(Founder, The Paradox Coaching Academy)

Meet Gerry
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Etienne Verhasselt, AllVision bv, Belgium

"Few people have the opportunity to work together with someone like Gerry. He is a very driven person and also a great business sparring partner. I have had the pleasure of working with Gerry since 2015 within the context of Harrison Assessments. I was always particularly impressed by Gerry's ability to help others, share well-founded ideas and being open and reflective for my opinions and feedback. Briefly said, you won't find a dozen of people like Gerry on this globe!” 

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Els Liesenborgs, Talent Heroes, Belgium

"I joined the HA team in 2015 and have been working with the tool ever since. Thanks to Gerry's extensive support, I've become a HA QC coach, assessing new consultants who want to be accredited to work with the system and methodology. Still today, whenever I'm struggling with anything, whether that be system related issues or business development questions, I can always count on Gerry!"

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Rob Bigge, Orbiks, Belgium

“Gerry combines an in-depth understanding of the Harrison system with practical experience of how it can be applied to meet client needs.

I really appreciate the support he has provided over the years to help me to get the most out of what is an excellent system.”

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Gerry Buckley, PPI Network, Belgium

"Gerry provides rapid help to resolve any issues getting in the way of bringing the full value of Harrison Assessments to clients. He continuously provides support in helping with interpretation and the latest developments in the Harrison ecosystem."

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Olli Torvinen, Tribal Consulting, Czech Republic

"The guidance and support during the training program has been excellent."