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How Coaching Changes Everything

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How Coaching Changes Everything

In this episode of Leading People, I sat down with author and Master Coach, Jonathan Reitz, to talk about how coaching changes everything

In particular, we discuss his latest book, Coaching Hacks, and Jonathan shares his top tips or hacks from his 20 plus years of coaching. These are not just useful for professional coaches but for anyone who aspires to take a more coaching approach to management or even life. 

In fact, Jonathan provides an interesting insight...

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Why Paradoxical Leadership is important in a Crisis!

leadership Mar 15, 2020
"Your actions speak so loud, I cannot hear what you are saying.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.
When a crisis such as the coronavirus happens people look to their Leaders for answers and direction. In a recent McKinsey article they promote 5 Leadership practices that can help leaders respond. Many of these practices highlight the importance of Paradoxical Leadership skills. 
Whilst I’m sure the intention of the article is positive (or, perhaps, just commercial?!) and...
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Your client is in the wrong job!

career Mar 08, 2020
For so many of us, Coaching is our 2nd career. Like a lot of people, we studied what we thought would get us a good job, we entered the world of work full of enthusiasm and then at some point came to the realisation that this was not the career for me. We realised that we wanted to make a REAL difference in the world. And, we saw Coaching as a way to do this. 
So, as a Professional Coach, how do you deal with a client who finds themselves in the wrong job for them? 
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How did you get here?

leadership coaching Mar 01, 2020

“What’s wrong is that they have no idea how their behaviour is coming across to the people who matter - their bosses, colleagues, subordinates, customers, and clients.” ~ Dr Marshall Goldsmith

In this quote, Dr Goldsmith is referring to his work with high achievers, people whom others perceive as successful, people whose Egos can often be larger than life. Often, these people are blindsided by certain behaviours that they believe have contributed to their success. However,...

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