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“What’s wrong is that they have no idea how their behaviour is coming across to the people who matter - their bosses, colleagues, subordinates, customers, and clients.” ~ Dr Marshall Goldsmith

In this quote, Dr Goldsmith is referring to his work with high achievers, people whom others perceive as successful, people whose Egos can often be larger than life. Often, these people are blindsided by certain behaviours that they believe have contributed to their success. However, these same behaviours can eventually become their undoing: “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”.

Examples are:

Dogmatic - I’m so confident of my own opinions that I don’t really need yours

Dominant - It’s all about me and my needs and all credit goes to me!

Blunt - I tell it as it is and you’ve just got to get used to it

Harsh - Don’t get in my way or I’ll take you out

Now, I admit these examples are at the extremes but I’m sure you get the message and you’ve probably met or had to coach such individuals. Or, perhaps, this is your next coaching client-in-waiting?

Feedback is important

Dr Marshall Goldsmith is a highly successful coach and recognised authority on coaching. One of his methods involves conducting a full 360-degree feedback about each coaching client amongst as many people who work with him or her, and also on occasions, family members. Then he confronts his client with what everybody really thinks about them.

There's no doubt that this feedback will produce valuable information with which to start a coaching programme. However, what do you do if you don’t have the luxury of carrying out such a feedback exercise? What do you do if your client rejects the feedback as others not understanding them fully or appreciating their qualities and all of their achievements? How do you point out these behaviours to your client without breaking rapport or the risk of destroying the coaching relationship?

Paradox Technology™ makes it easier

The Harrison Paradox Graphs enable you to do just this for all your clients. They work because:

  • Your client creates the data and therefore there is no discussion about other people’s lack of understanding, biases, etc…
  • The Paradoxes demonstrate many positives and strengths that your client has
  • Paradoxical Balance helps explain what got your client here. The reassurance that this brings enables them to accept that they may have some blindspots relative to their strengths
  • The system of Paradox Graphs is structured in a way that helps your client contextualise their behavioural tendencies or preferences
  • Some of the unhelpful behaviours are not their normal tendencies or preferences but “Emotional Flips" due to stress. Contextualising their flip moments helps them identify what triggers these emotional responses
  • The Paradox Graphs help your client see clearly what needs to change and other related Harrison tools give them the starting point and support for making these changes
  • You preserve your relationship with your client. The Paradox Graphs can play the role of the “Bad Cop”. You are the friendly Coach there to support them and help them deal with their "new reality"

It’s all about people, not data

To paraphrase my colleague and good friend, Rick Tate, "data [about people] doesn’t have meaning, people do". In a world where data is driving so many decisions, appropriate data used ethically can help us as Coaches continue to do what we do best.

Are the Harrison Paradox Tools right for you?

Review the content of this website, join one of our regular events/webinars or simply contact us directly and we’d be happy to help you answer this question.

*Paradox Technology™ is the work of Dr Dan Harrison, CEO and Founder of Harrison Assessments. The Paradox Reports and Graphs provide profound insights for coaching clients about their behaviours, level of maturity and balance, and opportunities for personal growth.

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