Your client is in the wrong job!

For so many of us, Coaching is our 2nd career. Like a lot of people, we studied what we thought would get us a good job, we entered the world of work full of enthusiasm and then at some point came to the realisation that this was not the career for me. We realised that we wanted to make a REAL difference in the world. And, we saw Coaching as a way to do this. 
So, as a Professional Coach, how do you deal with a client who finds themselves in the wrong job for them? 
Caveat: most organisations are bad at recruiting, not just from the outside but also internally. 
People are enticed into new roles by a variety of factors such as status, money, promotion, power, being persuaded by a colleague, being headhunted and flattered (even by HR!), being told that the new role will challenge them or that it will provide an opportunity to improve something they are not good at and become more well-rounded, etc…
These all seem “good” reasons, but more often than not they lead to ill-informed and poor career decision making. 

Unique Job-Matching Technology

The Harrison Talent Solutions toolbox provides the answer for Coaches like you and me. Its unique job-matching technology enables people to better understand why they fit certain roles and not others. The Harrison Behavioural Success Analysis report does this in an elegant way where the factors that explain fit are juxtaposed with those factors that are hindering the person’s performance in the role. 
The Harrison tools are so powerful that I’ve even had situations where within the first half hour of a Debrief we’ve identified the reasons why my client is so unhappy, struggling and underperforming in their role. 

Making Better Choices

Once you’ve taken your client through their Harrison reports they have the necessary insights to make informed decisions about their future. They know what to focus on. They know what they have to change. 
A client with a strong role fit knows they're in the right place for them and can use your coaching to further improve and enhance their performance and results in that role. 
For someone who realises that their current role may not be the best role for them, with the help of a certified Paradox Coach they now can make informed choices. 
Is it worth working on those factors that are hindering their performance? If so, they know what they are. You can now apply your coaching skills in supporting them making the changes. 
Do they need to have a conversation with their boss or HR? They are now better equipped to do this because they can explain what is holding them back. Once again, you can coach them to prepare for such a conversation. 
Without the correct tools, as a Coach, you’re forced to improvise. Now, don’t get me wrong, improvisation is a wonderful skill. However, your client may not have the patience for the experimentation or be willing to pay you for it! 

Why risk it? 

You want your client to own their coaching journey and to be responsible for their own results. Keeping them on track often presents sufficient challenge for us as Coaches. Why not give them a head start on themselves with the insights that the Harrison tools provide? They provide objective accountability, and the necessary ownership for your clients of their own reality. And, it’s like giving them the ball so they can run with it from day one! 

Are the Paradox Tools right for you? 

Review the content of this website, join one of our regular events/webinars or simply contact us directly and we’d be happy to help you answer this question. 
*Paradox Technology™ is the work of Dr Dan Harrison, CEO and Founder of Harrison Assessments. The Paradox Reports and other Harrison tools provide profound insights for coaching clients about their behaviours, level of maturity and balance, job fit and opportunities for personal growth. 

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